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Accident Recovery Services




a woman talking on her mobile phone motioning at a blue car collided into the back of a black car


RTC Recovery understands the toll that an accident can take on both your mind and your wallet.

We offer compassionate and comprehensive accident response services, seamlessly working alongside emergency response vehicles and your insurance provider to take the ordeal off your mind and get your life back on track.





Our accident recovery services include:

a recovery worker helping a stranded car with a red triangle in the foreground

 On-Site Assistance 

Our first port of call is making sure you're safe and secure following the accident, and so we will do what we can to put your mind at ease. Only when you're settled will we proceed with the recovery.

a grey car being positioned onto the back of a tow truck

 Recovering Your Vehicle 

RTC Recovery will then safely winch and recover your vehicle from the accident scene, minimising further damage while doing what we can to clear the scene of debris.

a man holding out the keys for a courtesy car

 Liaising With Insurance

Dealing with insurance following an accident can mean further stress. We can act as your liaison, handling the necessary communication and paperwork while sorting you out with a courtesy car.