Breakdown Recovery Services




RTC recovery using their recovery vehicle to transport a broken down white car


When faced with a more serious breakdown, it's crucial to have a reliable recovery service at your side.

The RTC Recovery have been carrying out reliable vehicle recoveries in Newtown, Shrewsbury and the wider Powys and Shropshire areas. Wherever you find yourself breaking down around the Welsh border, from the M54 to a remote road, we aim to get somebody with you within an hour and do whatever we can to get you back on the road as soon as possible.





Our breakdown recovery services include:



an olive coloured broken down car on top of a tow truck being transported

 Transportation Services

If roadside fixes aren't possible or you've been involved in an accident, RTC Recovery can safely tow your vehicle to a nearby repair garage, a garage of your choosing or any other designated location of your choosing. We can accommodate any vehicle under 3.5 metric tonnes. 

an SUV being winched out of a muddy decline with a row rope

 Off-Road Winching

Getting stuck off-road can be a frustrating and potentially dangerous experience. We have the experience and equipment to safely get your car back on the road, whether you've found yourself stranded in a field, a ditch or a verge.