a man cracking the nut of tire in a tire replacement


While never welcome, not every vehicle breakdown requires the use of a recovery vehicle.

RTC Recovery has you covered for those minor breakdowns with our roadside repairs in Powys and Shropshire. We aim to provide a prompt, reliable and professional service that gets you back on the road quickly and safely, ideally within the hour, while saving you unnecessary stress and expenses.





Our roadside repairs in Powys and Shropshire include:

a red can of fuel next to a white car on a long road

 Petrol Deliveries 

It's no secret that fuel gauges aren't completely accurate, especially with older cars, potentially catching you out on longer journeys. We can deliver you fuel from the nearest petrol station, ensuring you can continue your journey without interruption.

a locksmith lockpicking a locked out car

 Lockout Assistance

Accidently locked your cars in the car at home or the motorway services? Don't panic – We can unlock your car without damage, getting you back in your car and on the way in no time.


a person jumpstarting a car with two cables

 Battery Jump Starts 

A dead battery can be a frustrating surprise. RTC Recovery provides a safe and professional jump-start service to get your vehicle's battery working again. We will also check your battery's health and identify any underlying issues while we're there.

a white car having its flat tire replaced

 Flat Tyre Changes 

While in theory easy to replace, not every car comes equipped with a spare tyre and changing them by busy roads can be stressful. RTC recovery can quickly and safely change your flat tyre for you, while assessing your damaged tyre and advising on whether repairs or a complete replacement is necessary.